Alto los Principes, Paicaví N° 3281, Concepción - Chile

(56) 41-2522020 - 41-2522929

Our history

British Royal School was founded in 1993, close to Santa Juana Kilometer 5.5 in a countryside setting with lots of vegetation and a view of the Bio Bio River, being one of the few private bilingual institutions with  familiar and inclusive characteristic of the city of Concepción.

In 2000 and in order to centralize our educational project, we moved to the city of Concepción in a privileged environment avoiding the noise pollution of the city, a safe environment and with a panoramic view of the great Concepción.

Today, our school with 24 years of history continues to be recognized for its family essence and bilingual character that stand out for our academic and valuable achievements inside and outside the region.